Vertigo Lighters Review

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At its best, a lighter or a fire starter is more than just a practical tool for an experienced outdoorsman. It serves as the core for any outdoor gear set, and its usage is unparalleled both in and out of the house. Lotus Lighters understands this, as evidenced by their high quality lighter imprint Vertigo Lighters, which feature cleanest butane fuel ignition, charcoal burning flames, and often a double or triple torch opening.

One example would be in Vertigo’s high octane Tomahawk lighter. The Tomahawk, one of top Vertigo’s bestselling lighter models, has a plethora of powerful features to make it one of the most pristine fold-out fire starters on the market today. Wind resistance is vital in any lighter worth its salt, and the Tomahawk demonstrates this with its triple torch, wind-resistant flames. A fold-out cigar punch and clear fuel window only add to the value of this lighter, as does the clear fuel window and single action ignition for natural lighting. A large flame adjuster is another significant benefit for the Tomahawk, while its impressive light range is a strong selling point as well. Finally, you may have one in any of these colors: black, chrome or copper.

However, Vertigo Lighters complements the Tomahawk with a powerful double jet flame lighter, in the form of the Valet. The Vertigo Valet is a substantial addition for any cigar room, due to its fold-out cigar punch and flame adjuster. The fuel level window is just as strong as the Tomahawk’s, while a single action ignition reminds why Vertigo bests the competition. The Tomahawk is surely the triple-action champion, but here the Valet demonstrates why it is ideally suited for everyday lights and usage.

The Poseidon is another durable Vertigo Lighter, though its triple jet flame is arguably superior to even the Tomahawk’s. A built-in cigar punch is an added benefit, making this lighter ideal for people hoping to light their cigars with ease, and the lifetime warranty makes the Poseidon one of the best value products the folks at Lotus can offer. It’s only superseded by the Vertigo Spectre, a new successor to the Poseidon that features four wind resistant torch flames. This sets it above all of the other fire starters from Vertigo thus far, like this sleek, powerful lighter, with a single action ignition and fuel tank and window made for the highest quality cigars, make this the ideal lighter.

From the Tomahawk to the Churchill to the Poseidon and even the new Spectre model, premium Vertigo Lighters, Cutters and even Ashtrays are ideal accessories for cigar and tobacco lights at 2019. Thus, do not hesitate, upgrade to a Vertigo Lighter today!


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