Tubbs Snowshoes Reviews

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Founded in Norway, Maine, in 1906, Tubbs Snowshoes has been leading the snowshoe industry for over a century. The Seattle-based company has been at the forefront of snowshoeing developments, including being the first company to create snowshoes specifically for women in 1998. Their specialties include both the modern composite and traditional aluminum snowshoes.

The flagship Mountaineer snowshoes, which feature a sturdy base perfect for backcountry travel, are without a doubt the most versatile snowshoes for both men and women today. Their bladed bottoms most excel in deep snow, but a great versatility makes the Mountaineers a reliable choice for those hiking on trails or simply going out on leisure strolls.

Designed for great traction in both the male and female models, the Mountaineers utilize a series of durable crampons to maximize traction no matter if you are trail walking uphill, downhill, sideways, or on flat ground. The under-toe “Anaconda” crampon pairs with the under-heel “Python” crampon, opening in perpendicular directions to provide the largest grid of control.

While the Mountaineer model is ideal for higher-level backcountry snow walking, there is also the more balanced, lighter Flex VRT model, also available for both men and women. This is the outdoorsman’s dream, serving as a new complement to the Mountaineer. In lieu of the deep snow emphasis of its older sibling, the Flex VRT is designed for more casual, leisurely outings in snow, emphasized in its widespread bladed bottom and spring-struck backing system.

These two frontier snowshoes are not only golden for day hiking. Their versatility, when paired with key snowshoeing accessories, can be displayed in numerous winter sports as well. Tubbs Snowshoes also produces these accessories, ranging from gaiters (for both genders) snowshoe storage, and collapsible snow poles. The gaiters, designed to fit perfectly in either the Mountaineer or Flex VRT models, feature firm heels for maximum security.

Meanwhile, Tubbs also has two models of snowshoe transport products, from a large snowshoe bag to a smaller, specialized snowshoe holster. The 36-inch bag is lined with a durable nylon-canvas construction, in order to protect both your back and your gear, while the holster guarantees a simple, hands-free carrying of your snowshoes and equipment. These bags will make transporting your snowshoes easier than ever, ensuring you can go out farther and into more advanced trails without any hassle.

If you are ready to up your snowshoe game, check out a pair of Tubbs Snowshoes (and complementary accessories) today!


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