Thule Backpacks Review

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Designed and manufactured in southern Sweden, Thule creates high-quality, durable outdoors equipment starting from backpacks to travel bags to laptop carriers that provide practical usage from the campus commute to the mountain trail. These packs are organized in such a way as to maximize space and comfort while minimizing clutter. The backpacks are equal parts stylish and practical, blending a slick design in the color palette of your choice with an efficient combination of compartments and side pockets.

Without a doubt, the biggest benefit of Thule backpacks comes from their versatility. While the soft nylon pouches of the Crossover 2 provide ample cushioning for sensitive electronic devices such as laptops and tablets, a firm exterior promises protection in the case of poor weather while hiking or camping. Meanwhile, the Subterra, which acts as a condensed, sleek travel backpack, still provides enough room to include a decluttering PowerPocket for charging mobile devices. Both of these contrast with the tighter EnRoute 14L and its U-shaped opening for quick on-the-go packing and unpacking.

This diversity of choice demonstrates how Thule, through a mixture of design choices, color options, and chosen purposes, has created an individualist system of backpacks, where every traveler, hiker, or entrepreneur can find the pack that best suits them. This is perhaps best demonstrated by the brand new water-resistant Crossover 2 Convertible Laptop Bag, which boasts a quick conversion from briefcase to backpack. The Crossover 2 serves as the perfect home for a Macbook and iPad tablet just as well as a change of clothes for an overnight flight.

The functionality of this hybrid laptop bag extends to large-volume expedition packs such as the Versant 70L as well, as easy-access pockets and a sling-converting lid make this pack soar above its less-versatile competitors. Not to mention, compartmentalized divisions of the intrinsic space of this backpack means that Thule can guarantee dedicated electronics protection, aside laptop compartment, and side pockets for protection of all fragile gear. This feature-rich storage is what sets the Versant, like many other Thule backpacks, apart from the competition.

Thule guarantees quality in everything from its laptop bags to its hydration packs, blending a melange of easy access, water-resistant and protected compartments, and billowing, spacious pockets, for ease of all things transport.

No matter your walk of life, switch to a Thule backpack today for increased comfort, practicality, and peace of mind.


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