Osprey Aether AG 70

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Osprey Aether AG 70

A longtime favorite of backpackers adventurers and through hikers the Osprey ether packs have load hauling stability lots of trail friendly features and organization that makes them great for the trail.
The Osprey ether AG 70 is no exception with an innovative suspension system and that same load hauling capability. This pack provides an airy and comfortable body hugging fit that is unique to Osprey. The Aether AG 70 is built on the innovative anti gravity suspension system. This framing creates a super strong base for securing heavy loads while comfortably transferring that load to your hips.

The hip belt creates tension when it’s open to provide an airy body-hugging fit and flare aft wrap around your torso like no other pack. Innovative load lifter straps help to stabilize and enhance the overall comfort and support. The pack has top bottom and front access, so you can get to your gear easily no matter where it’s located inside. The lid of this pack can be completely removed to be used as the day lid day pack. A fully functional pack aesthetic enhancements give the pack a sleek look and design all while maintaining the bells and whistles that we’ve come to expect from Osprey speed their packs.

Let’s take a closer look at the Osprey ether AG 70
The materials on this pack are a 210 B ripstop nylon with a 500 D pack cloth base. So you do have lightweight but abrasion and water resistant materials and that base is heavily reinforced because that is going to be the area of highest wear.

The pack is not waterproof however, so you should consider getting a rain cover if you’re going to be out for an extended trip and you might be experiencing some foul weather. Those rain covers can be purchased separately. The big story of this pack is the suspension system and all of the things that are going on there. I turn the pack around we can take a look at that Osprey has incorporated their anti-gravity suspension system with the AG 78th or AG 70 here. Originally it was released with the Atmos and Aura packs but they have tailored that and adjusted it to make it work for the ether pact.

You still get the load hauling stability that we’ve come to expect from the either packs. But you get some changes here that make it a little bit different when it comes to fit. With the hip belt of the pack you get that AG and anti-gravity hip belt. When you open it up it gives tension to the whole system and really basically creates space between your lower back and the pack. So you’ve got minimal padding there but that tension means you get actual air behind your back. So you still get the comfort, you still get the support and extra breathability. With the belt itself you get the same custom moldable foam that came with the eithers, so it is a custom moldable belt you can wear it and break it in and it’ll actually custom fit to your shape by itself or you can take it to a local Osprey retailer and have them bake it in the Osprey oven to get that custom fit as well. So you get a really nice hip belt with the overall system and that tension is excellent the broad spacer mesh provides even more breathability so you do get that moisture wicking breathable property there with the back panel it is a pretty simple back panel gear but you still get all that airflow and breathability behind the shoulder straps you can see that you’ve got a little bit of extra padding there you’ve got a lot of mesh for breathability and it’s really going to give that nice soft fit so you got a little bit of a softer mesh there less abrasive to other materials and skin if you’re not wearing a shirt or tank top so really nice comfortable fit there and it comes up into this harness which is really innovative and much different than the other packs that are out there with that harness you get this really soft broad spacer mesh and it’s really going to hug the shoulders very well it provides a fit that is absolutely unique to Osprey pack you also get these load lifter straps that are a little different there are the standard webbing straps here but you’ve also got this stabilizer bar that drives down into the shoulder strap it’s not noticeable when the packs on but it does provide a lot more stability and it is very adjustable for a different size users going to really help to drive that load down to your lower back and really keep your center of gravity low maintaining your overall comfort the harness is also adjustable so you can kind of break the velcro behind here and adjust it up and down so the pack comes in sizes there is a range that each size will fit and you can adjust that right by the harness the parts themselves the harness and the hip belt are also completely removable you can swap them out so if you need a bigger or smaller hip belt you can make that happen if you need a bigger or smaller harness you can make that happen as well it’s really easy to change the parts on these things and super simple to get a really customizable fit that’s also one of the big stories with the ether pack is customizing for almost anyone so you get a really cool design they’re really comfortable fit all the way through some other features on the back panel you do have a sternum strap for the extra stability you also have an emergency whistle built into that sternum strap so a nice extra benefit down with the hip belt we’ve got two pockets one on each side so simple hip belt pockets that’s a great place for snacks your cell phone and extra pair of gloves or anything like that you can throw them down in the belt the pack is hydration compatible you can see I’ve got a hydration tube routed through here it’s not included with the pack it is a separately sold accessory but it’s compatible and I just want to show you that there we’ve got the hydraulics reservoir from Osprey included with the past year again sold separately doesn’t come with the pack but it is an excellent for the system accessing the past is pretty simple you can get to your gear no matter where it is you’ve got top loading access you’ve actually got front access as well and bottom sleeping bag access with the top of the packet is a traditional lid style or hood style pack you’ve got two buckles on the front here that you can release to access that top portion it’s a spin drift collar so you do have a drawstring here you can open it up pretty quickly and easily there is a red strap in there as well so if you need to compress your gear you’ve got an extra strap there to cinch everything down but otherwise quick and easy to access those top items conveniently this pack can be used without the lid Osprey incorporates the flap jacket on the front here so if you remove the lid which can be done you can use this flap jacket to protect the content so you get that extra protection you can go lidless you can take a little bit of extra weight off of the system and have that convenience of the protection as well and when you completely remove the lid it actually doubles as a fully functional day pack so the lid is held on just by four buckles you can take that off and it doubles as a day pack we’ll talk about that in just a second the second access point for the pack is the front j-shaped a zipper so just behind this front stretch pocket you’ve actually got a zipper tucked away there so if I undo that strap you can see the two zipper pulls there and that will allow you to access that J shaped zipper I also want to undo my front compression straps to be able to get to that so when undoing that it’s really going to give you access to the bulk of your pack you can get in there you can access all of those middle contents you’re basically accessing it like a piece of luggage so it makes it really quick and simple you don’t have to dig through the top you don’t have to dig up through the bottom you can just get to all your stuff right there when you need to we also have sleeping bag access on the pack so at the very bottom you do have a sleeping bag compartment and that’s your pretty standard sleeping bag compartment you’ve got removable sleeping pad straps on the base so if you need to lash your pad down there you could certainly do so or lash some other gear otherwise you’ve got a pretty standard pocket down there for your sleeping bag there is a divider on the top of this side so there’s a divider up here you can drop that if you need to to access the full pack bag but if you want that separation you’ve got the option so having options is always nice and you get that with this pack I want to go back to talking about that lid as the day pack so a really nice added benefit that gives you a lot of value with the package having that accessory day pack basically if you set up camp and you want to go away for a quick day hike without taking all of your stuff you can do so just by using the lid of your ether pack the back of the pack here the back of the lid has a zipper and when you open that zipper it allows you to deploy the shoulder straps so open that up the shoulder straps are tucked away in a little sleeve back here once you have those open you’ll notice that there are clips at the bottom for attaching your stretch to the pack as a base of the pack itself there are two little buckles so you can quickly and easily attach those two daypack shoulder straps just adds a ton of convenience to your overall system makes it really simple to get out and do a quick day hike or if you just need a little couple items to go on a quick hike you’ve got the access the option there with that lid again if you don’t need it you can leave it at home it’s pretty simple the day pack itself has lots of storage you’ve got pretty large opening at the top here you’ve actually got a bungee and a tool loop the two loops kind of tucked hidden away in the pack you’ve got some additional lash points on the front and extra organizational pockets as well so it really is a fully functional day pack it’s also hydration compatible so the reservoir that you have in your impact you can put right in this pack as well there’s a separate sleeve for it really really cool added benefit there it’s the day lid day pack and it’s included with your either AG going back to the main pack we do have quite a few other things to talk about there are tons of pockets on this pack so I mentioned before the two hip belt pockets great for extra small storage we’ve got two side pockets to stretch side pockets I’ve got a water bottle in this one here really adds some convenience and something a couple things that I noticed about those bottle pockets as well the pockets themselves have this inside out compression so if you have something in there you need to keep it secure you can secure it or you can route this compression strap under it and have that pocket be a little more loose just really nice options there again you’ve got two access points to the pocket so you’ve got traditional top access you’ve also got this kind of angled back access so what that’s there for is so that when you’re on the trail you can just reach behind you access your hydration pull it out nice and easy no plussing with that vertical bottle it’s really simple and makes it much more convenient another thing i noticed is that the stretch mesh is not the whole pocket so it’s a lot less likely to get snagged on branches or thorns or anything like that there’s actually a solid nylon panel stitched in here so it’s going to add a lot of abrasion resistance and durability to those stretch side pockets I know on some of my other packs with just the stretchy mesh academ get damaged pretty easily this is really going to help to prevent that from happening it’s going to add a lot of durability to the front of the pack you’ve got that stretch pocket that I mentioned earlier again same idea it’s got some of that durable nylon base material here with a little bit of the stretch material to allow for that mobility you can stow jackets there pretty easily or other items you just want to dump in the front of the pack tons of compressibility on this path you’ve got top and bottom side compression so on each side top and bottom straps on the front you’ve got top and bottom compression and those front compression straps should you have a smaller pack size than the full 70 liters here they actually extend around to further compress the pack if you look on the sides of your path you’ll notice some curious little clips at the top of the back here right near the frame and it’s a very base under the stretch bottle pocket you’ve got two clips that don’t really have a home that are those those are actually for this front strap you can extend it wrap it all the way around the pack when it’s not fully loaded and clip that down so you can compress that load so it just gives this pack much more versatility all the way around so really neat design it’s really smart just to have that addition there finally you’ve got two loops at the bottom and bungee tie offs so for your trekking poles your ice axes your mountaineering axes what-have-you you’ve got access to attach those to the pack quickly and easily should you be using trekking poles you’ve also got Ospreys stow on the go at a CH Montano shoulder strap you’ve got this little bungee you’ve got the gear loop on the side and that is going to allow you to route your trekking poles right to the pack quickly and easily so they rest under your arm should you need to get on all fours and do a quick scramble or anything like that you’ve got the option to attach those quickly and easily with the stow on the go system overall this pack is really impressive it’s got a really unique suspension system that’s providing an airy body hugging fit it’s got tons of organization durable materials a really neat sleek and athletic design with all the bells and whistles that you’ll need for extended backpacking or heavier weight through hiking it is the Osprey aether AG 70 thanks for watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists we have detailed product descriptions and specs and often for a lot of our products we have additional bonus videos and if you like what we do here on YouTube please subscribe


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