ORCA Cups Review

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Hot drinks and cold drinks share the same common enemy: room temperature. Knowing that, it is up to companies like ORCA Coolers to fight the watering down of our favorite drinks, and they intend to do exactly that. With a line of products ranging from chasers to martini glasses to coffee mugs, rocket bottles, and everything in between, ORCA Coolers are the solution to cold drinks getting too warm, or hot drinks getting too cold.

While ORCA is changing the game in the cooler department, where they excel is in individual drinkware and cups. Fun, inventive designs, coupled with innovative technology, has put them at the forefront of drink insulation. The ORCA chaser, made of stainless steel for a clean, sleek, and durable result, has a double-walled vacuum sealed body, which makes sure that your ice does not melt and your coffee does not get cold. It holds a whopping 27 ounces and given that it is easy to wash and light, it becomes a natural choice for anyone hoping to find the perfect new stainless steel tumbler.

However, ORCA has a diversified catalog, in case the chaser cup is not for you. The new 8oz Chasertini is a fun, smaller option, perfect for a cocktail hour just as it is for house parties. The Chasertini uses the same stainless steel composition and double walled vacuum sealed technology, which it pairs with a signature ORCA “Whale Tail Flip Top” lid so that you can be on the move with your Chasertini. The whale tail lid is also clear, which is perfect for seeing exactly how full your glass is, while the 18/8 stainless steel body is an ideal mix of convenient and luxurious.

For those looking for the middle ground between the big-sized chaser and the fun little Chasertini, enter: the ORCA Chaser Cafe, a 20oz coffee lover’s dream. Perfect for keeping coffee at the right temperature, the Tritan copolyester BPA-free lid is bright like the Chasertini’s while the stainless steel body is still vacuum sealed and double-walled for ideal temperature retention. What’s more, this new product features a copper clad interior, which boosts the degree to which your coffee will not go cold to a level unseen by competitors as of yet. All in all, measuring in at just under 600 mL, the ORCA Chaser Cafe is an exciting development in the tumbler world.

If you want to keep your hot or cold drink just right no matter the weather, get your ORCA Coolers cup today!


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