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When it comes to outdoor equipment, there are few ponds in which MSR, or Mountain Safety Research, has not dipped its toe. The Seattle-based outdoor company has tackled everything from snowshoes to stoves, and from poles to water treatment accessories. In recent years, their tent department has dramatically expanded, as they modify and perfect their most signature tents while consistently adding new designs to the catalog.

Leading the pack is the Hubba NX Solo Backpacking Tent, MSR’s flagship tent and the best-selling freestanding solo tent in the company’s history. Improved upon every year, the Hubba NX is the ideal tent for a solo backpacking traveler or camper, as evident by its lightweight, freestanding build. Designed to fit in a backpack with minimal added weight, but also to serve as a sturdy, livable, and spacious tent, the Hubba NX has seen recent evolutions as well. MSR has largely optimized the tent with new premium Easton Syclone Poles and a longer-lasting waterproof coating, to best guarantee durability. Its livability is greatly aided by its quick five-minute set-up time, as well as its ventilation-enhancing rainfly.

However, MSR has not contented themselves on just perfecting their existing Hubba NX mountain tent, as evidenced by the addition of the brand new Zoic 1 Backpacking Tent. This tent, which is cheaper than the Hubba while also being significantly easier to pack and carry, is designed for the ultimate camping trip, from a stargazing roof to a breathable and moisture-controlling composition. Its floorplan, while tight, is optimized to get the most room possible for both you and your gear, while its Xtreme Shield coating ensures you are not getting soaked by random bouts of rainfall. It is also the best value MSR tent currently being offered, by quite a long shot.

That being said, the Hubba’s benefits are so plentiful that MSR decided to make a family out of it. Enter the Hubba Hubba (2-person), Mutha Hubba (3-person), and Papa Hubba (4-person) tents, designed to accommodate more people without sacrificing comfort, space, or technical perks. It could be easily assumed that the Papa Hubba, currently MSR’s largest and best-valued multi-person tent, is a heavy pack. However, at an ultra-light seven pounds, the Papa Hubba remains lighter than most smaller tents, and still allows plenty of livable room for its inhabitants near its many windows.

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