Marmot Backpacks Review

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Demonstrating proven quality since 1976, Marmot backpacks are a quintessential part of any hiker’s equipment list. The California-based outdoor equipment company features backpacks ranging from 30L to 58L as well as smaller hydration packs designed to be lightweight and efficient, creating a variety of choices for anyone hoping to hike, camp, or travel.

The foundation of Marmot backpacks lies in a series of interconnecting straps and pockets, ensuring a healthy blend of practicality and security for all travel gear or hiking equipment inside. The straps can range from reinforced shoulder straps, designed for both comfort and durability, to the pivotal sternum strap. These straps each serve to reduce strain on your back and shoulders by shifting the center of weight of the pack, no matter the amount of travel gear.

Meanwhile, the backpacks are endowed with multiple secured pockets, granting you the possibility of storing items in the top, bottom, front, back, or sides of the main center pouch. A laptop pocket protects and secures your computer, while a separate water bottle pocket provides hands-free storage for your water bottle.

While Marmot backpacks serve as blessings for travelers of all sorts, they are also highly effective hiking backpacks. Smaller-size Marmot hiking packs are a necessity for day trips, combining a sleek lightweight design with a diversity of color choices. Their larger-volume siblings maintain this same build but add on numerous practical pockets, perfect for holding water bottles, camping equipment, or travel gear.

However, for the hiker or traveler seeking an easier, more convenient hydration system, Marmot hiking hydration packs are the way to go. These smaller, lightweight backpacks serve to provide a comfortable, hands-free solution to hydration, ensuring you can focus on your hike without needing to carry around a clunky water bottle. Their bright color palettes also provide an opportunity for individuality, without ever sacrificing their durable, resistant forms.

From hydration packs such as the Kompressor Zest to the new 58L Graviton travel backpacks for travelers making long voyages and needing organized storage for their travel accessories, Marmot backpacks are tough choices for outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts. Sturdy shoulder straps ensure you have a durable, reliable hiking pack on your back, while an abundance of well-located, secured pockets means you will never have to dig through your backpacking pack to find the item you need.

Take your hiking game to the next level with a Marmot backpack today!


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