KYSEK Coolers Review

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KYSEK Coolers Review

The battle for best ice coolers continues as always, and KYSEK has in recent years slipped past competitors such as Yeti with their innovative, industry-changing technology developments. From ice chests (softside and regular) to seafood gear, dry bags, tumblers, and different accessories and equipment, KYSEK has demonstrated that they are leading the way in cold keeping technology, no matter the specific product.

As arguably the ultimate cold keep, KYSEK’s color-optimizable ice chest features a patented technology that puts it ahead of the competition. For one, the DuroCold Construction promises a durable, weather resistant chest, while the PosiLatch guarantees no unwanted opens when traveling with the ice chest. A three-quarters-inch drain plug and hose adapter makes cleaning the chest as simple as it is necessary, while heavy-duty EasyGrip handles make sure there is no slipping at any point with the chest in hand. Finally, a cutting board lid is the ultimate tool for outdoorsmen and picnickers alike, saving room in storage that could be used for other things, while the trademarked BearClaw lock plate doubles as a bottle opener so that the center of the festivities is always the ice chest.

However, since ordinary solid ice chests are great for picnics but less for easy transportation, KYSEK has introduced the new softside ice chest, which is ideal for easy transport and quick mobilization. Extra-cushioned side handles make sharing the load easier among friends, while the shoulder strap ensures your back remains strain-free throughout the day. Finally, a waterproof zipper protects the contents from any external weather issues, while an InternaShield interior is the perfect mix of durable and cold keeping to make sure the drinks stay fresh, while the food is not damaged. As with their solid ice chests, KYSEK softside ice chests come with a variety of color options, including navy blue, navy white, and more.

In the spirit of portability and easy transportation, KYSEK also features double-walled, vacuum-sealed tumblers, which are perfect for transporting hot or cold liquids, and ensuring they stay at the right temperature. A “no sweat” design eliminates the undesired condensation that forms around inferior models, while a 304 premium grade brushed stainless steel means the tumbler is not only durable and sturdy but easy to clean and impossible to stain as well. Finally, a non-slip bottom and silicone comfort grip reduce the risk of accidents.

Whether your next picnic will feature soup, turkey, soda, or all of the above, turn to KYSEK for the best in cold keeping ice chests, tumblers, and outdoor coolers!


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