Helle Knives Review

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Helle Knives Review

The Norwegian knife-making company Helle Knives has understood two main components of success in the industry: respecting the past while embracing the future and building a knife that lasts. The first draw from the company’s 1932 roots, as a transatlantic family-owned business that consistently innovates, while the second is shown in each of the models of their high-quality knives.

Helle Bleja

Helle Bleja Knife

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The Bleja knife is the pride and joy of the knife makers at Helle, as evident by the three-year production process that perfects this stainless steel masterpiece. Triple laminated stainless steel blade is paired with a curly birch handle and genuine leather knife sheath. The Helle-design measures in the blade thickness at just under three millimeters, crafting a bold, clean cut of a knife that weighs 150 grams even. As the flagship knife for Helle knives, the Bleja is a must-have for knife collectors and enthusiasts alike, demonstrating the pristine quality that can emerge from a careful production process.

Helle Harding

Helle Harding Knife

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The Helle Harding is a more lightweight knife, better suited for outdoor hunting than its predecessor. With the Harding knife, a more vintage design means that that the handle is of a significantly more darkened look, mixing curly birch, leather, and oak to provide a wonderful grip. While the blade remains a triple laminated stainless steel, it is approximately fifty grams lighter, even as it measures out to the same length. This knife is a quality design for outdoor activities such as hunting and showcases the more gritty, hands-on Helle style than the Bleja. Nonetheless, it remains a perfect folding knife for any collection.

Helle Wabakimi

Helle Wabakimi Knife

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The Wabakimi is for the ideal mix of previous models. A newer, more concise product, the Wabakimi features a 135-gram knife, with the same triple laminated stainless steel blade. However, while the handle is curly birch as well, the blade is considerably thicker than its siblings, as well as a tad longer. The handle itself is longer as well, while a genuine leather sheath acts as the perfect carrier for this delectable blade. The design comes from Les Stroud, a tour de force at Helle, and the 2018 Wabakimi promises to be a new era of knife making for the company.

Whether you are hoping for a stainless steel knife to hunt, cut, or gaze at in delight, Helle knives has a storied tradition of quality knives. Add one to your collection today!


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