Ghillie Kettles Review

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Ghillie Kettles Review

United Kingdom-based outdoor kettle company Ghillie Kettles have revolutionized the way the outdoor community cooks. Phasing in alternative forms of cooking and not requiring the use of any artificial fuels, the Ghillie Kettle is a game-changer for hikers, campers, and travelers alike.

Instead of needing to bring fuels such as propane or ethanol, the Ghillie Kettle solely requires water, naturally flammable items such as twigs or dried leaves, and a lighter or matches. The kettle is incredibly easy to use, simple to prepare and clean, and can be transported with little difficulty. Perhaps most impressively, it can be used in any environment, so fishers do not need to worry if they are going to be able to heat their water in the case of rain, sleet, or snow.

The process for lighting is simple by most accounts. You begin by filling the kettle with water, making sure not to overfill it. Then you stand the kettle on its base before adding your fuel (dried leaves, twigs, newspaper, etc.) into the kettle, lighting them in the process. You continually add more sprigs through the base, feeding the fire. Once the pot reaches the boiling point, Ghillie Kettles set them apart from their competitors by having a whistle that automatically rings at the moment of perfection. Once the whistle has blown, lift the kettle by holding the handle and pouring out of the spout.

The ability to boil water has innumerable benefits for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, giving them the ability to cook and warm themselves when far from household amenities. With twigs replacing synthetic fuel, campers and other outdoorsmen can count on minimal packing, as well as a cheaper, more cost-effective solution.

Meanwhile, the Anodized Ghillie Kettles are Hard Anodized, leading to a thicker (and therefore stronger) aluminum coating on the kettle. It strengthens the aluminum by about 2-4 times the normal process, getting it to a near-titanium durability level without any of the drawbacks of titanium.

The Silver Anodized Ghillie Kettle can also be ordered in a cooking kit, which comes with your chosen kettle model (Adventurer, Maverick, Explorer, etc.), as well as a hobo stove and special-packed duffel bag for easy transport and movement. The Silver Anodized models are quicker at heating (roughly minutes for many mugs of water) and easier to clean, as well as much lighter overall.

Make sure you’re prepared for your next camping trip with an Anodized Ghillie Kettle.


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