Ghillie Kettles Review

United Kingdom-based outdoor kettle company Ghillie Kettles have revolutionized the way the outdoor community cooks. Phasing in alternative forms of cooking and not requiring the use of any artificial fuels, the Ghillie Kettle is a game-changer for hikers, campers, and travelers alike. Instead of needing to bring fuels such as propane or ethanol, the Ghillie … Read more

KYSEK Coolers Review

The battle for best ice coolers continues as always, and KYSEK has in recent years slipped past competitors such as Yeti with their innovative, industry-changing technology developments. From ice chests (softside and regular) to seafood gear, dry bags, tumblers, and different accessories and equipment, KYSEK has demonstrated that they are leading the way in cold … Read more

ORCA Cups Review

Hot drinks and cold drinks share the same common enemy: room temperature. Knowing that, it is up to companies like ORCA Coolers to fight the watering down of our favorite drinks, and they intend to do exactly that. With a line of products ranging from chasers to martini glasses to coffee mugs, rocket bottles, and … Read more