Bison Belts Review

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Colorado-based Bison Designs is a manufacturer of various aluminum products, including belts, pet accessories, carabiners and key chains, bottle openers, climbing chalk, and different accessories.

They specialize in crafting versatile belts that are at once practical, fashionable, and good value. These belts are broken up into numerous categories, including technical, casual, leather, elastic, extra-large, women’s, kid’s, and travel belts. This diversity of choices sets Bison apart as a leader in the belt manufacturing industry, as they craft a variety of products designed for every purpose.

Their technical belts, made in the vein of the handyman or tactical worker looking for a belt that can keep up with the job, come in many different styles. The best seller is the trademarked BDB, or Bison Duty Belt, a 44-millimeter tactical nylon belt that can be adjusted to the degree of your desire, around anything from shorts to a snow jacket. Lightweight aluminum and a low-key buckle is all part of the appeal for this classic black belt, as are the adjustable loop lock anchor point and anti-fray tip for better overall friction.

For men seeking a less wide, more traditional belt, Bison offers plenty of high-quality leather belts. At 38 millimeters wide, the Box Canyon Bronze Buckle belt is a stylized, nostalgic belt, invoking Western tropes in its rust-tinted bronze buckle and distressed genuine leather. This belt, like all of the rest of the leather belts, is handcrafted in Longmont, Colorado.

However, Bison belts do not stop at the plain and simple; instead, they exceed expectations at every corner and are innovative in the modifications they make to each belt. In the Last Chance Delta Money belt, for example, a concealed zipper pouch on the interior of this 38-millimeter belt will safely hide your money. This is not only practical on an outdoorsy level but is a welcome perk even in everyday, casual wear. Coupled with an Aircraft Aluminum Tri-Glide buckle for maximum security, the Last Chance Delta Money belt is a perfect travel belt.

Bison belts are also imaginative in their designs, as the women’s Manzo Buckle showcases. A lightweight, engravable aluminum buckle is only part of the pack on this stylish, multi-patterned 38-millimeter wide belt. The casual, thin ribbon belt demonstrates how the skill behind Bison Belts is not limited to the men’s department.

Up the ante of your wardrobe with a signature Bison belt today.


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